About Us


The WISCONSIN COALITION of ANNUITANTS consists of statewide and regional organizations representing retirees in the Wisconsin Retirement System, and may include active as well as retired participants in the system.

The coalition exists to represent all of the approximate 150,000 Wisconsin Retirement System retirees of the more than 550,000 system participants.

Each member organization designates representatives to attend monthly meetings of the Coalition, where guests from the State Investment Board, Employee Trust Funds, legislative leaders and members of boards and commissions provide input to active discussions on retirement issues.

When consensus is reached on issues, the coalition leadership presents these positions to the appropriate system administrators and testifies before legislative committees on proposed legislation affecting the retirement system.

Member organizations in the Coalition represent over 30,000 annuitants participating in the Wisconsin Retirement System.


The Coalition is committed to achieve the most effective and efficient operation of the Wisconsin Retirement System, free from political interference with policy and investment decisions. We support all efforts to assure adequate resources are available to the Department of Employee Trust Funds and the Wisconsin Investment Board so that relevant and timely services can be provided to all WRS participants.

The Coalition supports:

            *       Action to increase annuitant representation on ETF and SWIB Boards

            *       Simplification of policies and procedures.

The Coalition goals are to provide a forum for participating organizations to share information, discuss and actively pursue issues and problems affecting WRS retirees, and protect the fiscal and administrative integrity of the system.